05/2023– Lucas and Dr. Tang co-authored a paper on Aging Cell studying chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment , Congratulations!

Ahire, C.Nyul-Toth, A.DelFavero, J.Gulej, R.Faakye, J. A.Tarantini, S.Kiss, T.Kuan-Celarier, A.Balasubramanian, P.Ungvari, A.Tarantini, A.Nagaraja, R.Yan, F.Tang, Q.Mukli, P.Csipo, T.Yabluchanskiy, A.Campisi, J.Ungvari, Z., & Csiszar, A. (2023). Accelerated cerebromicrovascular senescence contributes to cognitive decline in a mouse model of paclitaxel (Taxol)-induced chemobrainAging Cell00, e13832. https://doi.org/10.1111/acel.13832